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The History of Deer Park Nudist Resort began in the 1930s. A family settled here and opened a small country store, gas station, truck stop and goat farm. In 1937, the family opened the extensive natural grounds of their farm as a nudist ranch called "Oakdale".
Around 1970 it came under ownership of Bill and Fran Flesher and was re-named the "Treehouse Fun Ranch". Among many activities, the annual Ms. And Mr. Nude USA contests attracted national and international media attention. In the mid 1990’s the resort was briefly known as "Buff Creek".

In 1998, the 44 acres that began as a country store and goat farm became Deer Park Nudist Resort. Over the years swimming pools and tennis courts and Jacuzzi tubs have been added, but the original rustic and tranquil resort is still here to offer you a life style of social nudism and enjoyment as the Friendliest Nudist Resorts in Southern California. 



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